Vietnamese and Lao people will have their first bilingual dictionaries which are expected to help them better use each other’s language.

The project to compile the Vietnamese-Lao and Lao-Vietnamese dictionaries was part of the cooperation programme between the two countries’ Inter-Governmental Committees.

The Ministry of Education and Training told an appraisal ceremony for the project which was held in Hanoi on June 28 that the project began in 2007, aiming to compile the first Vietnamese-Lao and Lao-Vietnamese bilingual dictionaries based on the principle of lexicography.

The dictionaries include tens of thousands of phrases, fundamental words, common science and technology vocabulary, idioms, proverbs.
They are also expected to help Lao scientists to compile a set of Lao-language explanatory dictionaries in the principle of lexicography.

The two dictionaries will be officially published soon, thus creating conditions for the efficiency of comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos. /.