Vietnam and Laos will further collaborate in archive staff training and history-related document exchanges in 2016 as agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between two countries on July 15.

Accordingly, the Vietnamese archive agency will propose the inclusion of the training of Lao archive personnel in the governmental agreement on bilateral economic, cultural and scientific-technological cooperation. Vietnamese experts will also be sent to Laos to assist in professional training for Lao staff.

The archive departments of the two nations will work together to get their government’s approval for an insurance centre for Lao national archives funded by the Vietnamese Government. The two sides will continue to compile and share documents related to Vietnamese and Lao history.

Conferences will be held in both countries to enhance information exchange among archive staff.

Hoang Truong, Deputy Head of the State Records Management and Archives Department of Vietnam said the two countries have efficiently implemented a number of MoUs in recent years, including training Lao archive officials, experience exchange and receiving archive apprentices.

Meanwhile, Director of the National Archives Department of Laos Thongsy Vang highlighted that the newly-inked MoU creates an impetus to enhance collaboration between the two archive departments, making contributions to tightening the solidarity between the two nations.

Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nguyen Duy Thang pledged to support the collaboration of the two departments.-VNA