The Hanoi-based Central Children’s Hospital on July 4 successfully performed its 400 th keyhole surgery for choledochal cyst, making it one of the leading choledochal cyst treatment centres in the world.

According to Prof. Nguyen Thanh Liem, Director of the Central Children’s Hospital, the surgery was conducted on a six-year-old patient named Luong Quang Huy from Chi Lang district, in the northern mountainous province of Lang Son .

The choledochal cyst is a congenital abnormality that causes abnormal enlargement of the bile duct, which would be fatal without prompt treatment.

Liem said the hospital started to carry out keyhole surgery of choledochal cysts in 2007, replacing the traditional open surgery method, which not only caused pain for patients but also posed a risk of bacterial contamination.

With the advanced treatment method, the hospital had successfully performed surgery for close to 100 patients each year, of whom the youngest was nearly two months old, he added.

Prof. Liem and his co-workers have been invited to perform laparoscopic surgery of choledochal cyst at large medical conferences in Taiwan , the Philippines , Australia , Malaysia , France and the Czech Republic .

This pioneering method was published in world paediatric publications and was highly valued by the international community./.