A green economy is the best option for sustainable development, especially for developing countries like Vietnam .

This opinion was shared by many of the participants at a seminar on ‘green economy and sustainable development’, which was held in Ha Long City in the northern province of Quang Ninh on June 4.

The experiences of other countries show that nurturing a green economy brought enormous benefits in most areas, including agriculture, forestry, energy, environmental management and job creation.

Vietnam has drawn up and is carrying out a number of policies to make existing industries greener.

The country has amended the Law on Environment Protection, introduced a law on using energy effectively and economically and implemented a development programme for the environment industry until 2015 with a vision to 2025.

Vietnam has recorded a high economic growth in recent years, however, the growth does not take into account the loss of natural resources and damage to the environment.

A representative from the Ministry of Planning and Investment said it is necessary to change current models of production and consumption and follow a more friendly environmental direction. It is also essential to use energy more effectively and efficiently and spare no effort when reducing poverty levels to ensure social progress and equality.

To achieve a green and sustainable economy, the government needs to introduce green growth targets, develop the science and technology sectors and promote green consumption, said a representative from Ho Chi Minh City ’s Natural Resources and Environment University .

Other participants recommended that the government needs adopt policies for attracting investment from the private and foreign-invested sectors in green industries.-VNA