Vietnam News Agency, Yonhap sign content exchange MoU hinh anh 1At the signing ceremony (Source: VNA)
The State-run Vietnam News Agency (VNA) and Yonhap News Agency, the Republic of Korea’s leading newswire service, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the exchange of national promotional articles.

The MoU was signed by VNA Deputy General Director Le Duy Truyen and Yonhap President Park No-hwang in Yonhap headquarters in Seoul on August 19.

Under the agreement, the two sides will produce and exchange English articles featuring their own country’s developments for publishing in both English and the counterpart country’ language.

Topics of such articles should deal with Vietnam - RoK cooperation across the fields of economics, culture, tourism, arts and history, among others.

The MoU, together with the previously-signed agreement on professional cooperation, serves as a legal foundation for the two news agencies to carry out their partnership in the form of exchanging visits, sharing information, providing support to each other’s resident correspondents, and coordinating at regional and global press forums.

At talks held after the MoU signing ceremony, host and guest stated that information sharing has benefited both sides over the past time, contributing to the Vietnam – RoK strategic cooperative partnership.

They vowed to keep the cooperation going, especially in sharing information involving Korean community in Vietnam and Vietnamese community in the RoK.

Yonhap President Park No-hwang said Yonhap considers Vietnam an important area and plans to assign one more resident reporter to the country.

VNA Deputy General Director Le Duy Truyen, in response, expressed desire to learn about Yonhap’s experience in developing new media forms during the present era of digitalization.

The Deputy General Director is leading a VNA delegation on a five-day visit to the RoK from August 18.-VNA