State President Nguyen Minh Triet will lead a delegation to attend the 15th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), scheduled to take place in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, from July 15-16.

Vietnam’s presence at the summit will promote its foreign policy of openness, multilateralisation and diversification of international relations.

Vietnam will work with other NAM member nations to enhance positive views within the movement, strengthen solidarity and heighten the movement’s standing in the global community.

With the theme of “International Solidarity for Peace and Development,” the summit is to take place at a time when the world has recently experienced a range of changes that have affected the movement as well as its member states.

Escalating conflicts and tensions in a number of regions, the global economic and financial crisis, climate change, food and energy security and epidemics pose a number of problems to developing nations. They also threaten to reverse socio-economic achievements posted in recent years, and are a challenge to countries pursuing sustainable development.

This year’s conference aims to review the international situation and issues of mutual concern, as well as discussing measures to respond to the negative impacts of the world economic and financial crisis and global challenges such as climate change and food security.

The meeting will also put forward plans for political, economic and social cooperation to realise NAM ’s targets, consider and approve proposals recommended at the NAM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in Habana, Cuba, in April this year.

Vietnam has had a close attachment and made a great contribution to the goals and development of NAM , especially the difficulties NAM member states and developing nations have had to face since it officially joined the movement.

After Vietnam regained its independence in 1945, the country took top place in the world’s national liberation movement and in the fight against colonialism and imperialism.

Since its accession to the NAM , Vietnam has attended all of its summits and foreign ministers’ meetings and worked closely with its partners to consolidate solidarity and enhance the movement’s role, striving for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress.

The country has also actively participated in the movement’s activities and drawing up of conference documents. Vietnam has already suggested a number of specific proposals to improve the NAM ’s role in politics and trade, and has shared its development experiences with other members.

Having participated in NAM, as part of its foreign policy of multilateralisation and diversification of international relations, Vietnam is committed to contributing more to the common development of member states and developing countries.

Established in 1961, the NAM has increased its membership from just 25 to 118, becoming the world’s second largest organisation after the United Nations./.