Fifty percent of businesses in Vietnam were ready to invest in renewable energy sources, according to the survey report of Grant Thornton auditing and consulting company on Sept. 9.

In its report, the company showed that the insecure situation in the Middle East and North Africa had affected world oil prices, adding that 44 percent of business over the world would support their governments in renewable energy and producing new energy sources.

The report said that the trend opened a great opportunity for Vietnam , a country with regular winds, over 3,300 kilometres of coast and 2,000-2,500 hours of sunlight every year, which were advantageous for producing energy.

Governments in Southeast Asia promoted research to find replacement fuels as well as appealed to people to protect existing resources.

According to Grant Thornton’s survey, Thailand, Malaysia, China and the Republic of Korea had developed sustainable energy sources as part of their national policies in recent years./.