A study by Grant Thornton has ranked Vietnam 27th out of 60 countries in terms of " dynamism ".

The Global Dynamism Index, based on five drivers of an economy’s dynamism, gave the country a score of 54 percent. This compares with 66.5 percent for Australia, 62.7 percent for China, 59.5 percent for Malaysia and the Republic of Korea, 56.4 percent for Thailand and 51.2 percent for Indonesia.

"The ratings go well beyond basic GDP data, " Grant Thornton CEO Ed Nusbaum said.

"Five areas were identified as holding the key drivers to an economy’s dynamism: business operating environment, science and technology, labor and human capital, economics and growth, and the financing environment. Within these groups, there were 22 key data points that were analysed, " he explained.

Vietnam was at seventh globally in the economics and growth potential category.

What affected its several scores were the business operating environment (down 5 places to 47th) and science and technology (down 3 place at 44th), and it is in these areas that government and management need to improve to build on Vietnam’s current standing in the world.-VNA