Up to 70 percent of Vietnamese consumers put their spare cash into savings, ranking second globally, according to the Global Consumer Confidence Survey recently issued by Nielsen and The Conference Board.

The survey for the second quarter of 2018 said Southeast Asian consumers are leading the way when it comes to their saving intentions.

It said after covering essential living expenses, Vietnamese consumers were eager to spend on big-ticket items as they wish to lead a better life.

It noted nearly half of consumers were willing to spend on holidays.

Additionally, 46 percent of Vietnamese consumers would like to spend their spare cash on new clothes and new technology products, 43 percent wanted to divert any spare cash towards out-of-home entertainment activities and 38 percent wanted to spend on home improvements.

The survey also indicated that Vietnamese consumer confidence remained stable in Q2, with an index score of 120 percentage points, compared to the global index of 104 percentage points. -VNA