Vietnam once again requests China to immediately end its construction and expansion on reef islands belonging to Vietnam in the East Sea, stated Foreign Ministry Spokesman Le Hai Binh on May 8.

He replied to reporters’ queries on Vietnam’s response to several statements by China that Vietnam has made large-scale encroachments and expansions on reef islands, which, it said, are being “occupied” by Vietnam.

“Vietnam has sufficient legal and historical evidence to affirm its sovereignty, sovereignty right and jurisdiction in the East Sea in accordance with international law, including the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS),” Binh told reporters.

Therefore, China’s reef construction and expansion has seriously violated Vietnam’s sovereignty in the East Sea, causing deep concerns among the international community including the ASEAN, he said.

Binh said Vietnam insists China immediately put an end to these activities and strictly follow and enforce international law, especially the 1982 UNCLOS and the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea, and avoid actions to complicate and extend disputes in the sea.

Asked to comment on reports that the Chinese Permanent Mission to the United Nations recently sent diplomatic notes to other countries’ permanent missions asserting its sovereignty and relevant claims on the East Sea and describing its construction on reef islands is rightful and legitimate, the spokesman said that these points of view are inaccurate and have no whatsoever legal, historical and factual grounds.

On April 30, the Vietnamese Permanent Mission to the UN sent diplomatic notes to all countries’ permanent missions to the UN to reject the Chinese points of view, he added.-VNA