Vietnam and the Republic of Korea have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on their partnership in ensuring traffic safety.

The MoU was signed by the National Committee for Traffic Safety and the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA) on December 18.

Under the document, the two sides will cooperate to improve traffic safety through designing and implementing national traffic safety strategies coupled with building and applying traffic safety culture index.

The RoK saw a high rate of accidents 20 years ago with traffic accident victims reaching 13,000 every year, KOTSA President Chung Il Young said, citing a sharp increase in the number of autos, and poor infrastructure and management at that time as reasons.

However, he said, at present, as the number of autos increases by six fold, the number of accidents decreases by two thirds.

To score the success, the RoK has taken various measures in managing vehicles, including applying information technology in parallel with calling for relevant agencies’ engagement.

Lessons given by the RoK are expected to help Vietnam mitigate traffic accidents sustainably, said Vice President of the Committee Nguyen Hoang Hiep.

The MoU will support the two sides in mapping out appropriate steps in the management of transport services next year.

Traffic accident is now a pressing issue in Vietnam where nearly 10,000 deaths are reported every year and car and motor accidents make up 70 percent of the total.-VNA