Vietnam ’s friendship and cooperative relations with the Republic of Korea (RoK) are set to be further promoted in the time to come.

Vice Chairman of the Vietnam-RoK Friendship Association (VRFA) Huynh The Cuoc and the RoK Consul-General in Ho Chi Minh City , Oh Jae Hak made the affirmation at a meeting on Oct. 12 to mark 4,343 years since the establishment of the RoK (Oct.3, 2333 BC - Oct.3, 2011).

Cuoc said the Vietnam - Republic of Korea (RoK) friendship and cooperation have been strengthened and developed ceaselessly.

The cooperation in economic development between the two countries produced positive results, as RoK is the largest investor in Vietnam with 2,823 projects and a total investment of 23 billion USD, he said.

The two countries are scheduled to organise the 20 th anniversary of Vietnam-RoK diplomatic ties in 2012./.