A Vietnamese booth at the 2014 Diplomatic Fair in Pretoria, South Africa on October 25 attracted nearly 1,000 visitors who wanted to find out about the country and economic opportunities it presents.

Besides documents on Vietnam’s economic and investment potentials, the embassy also introduced rice, tra fish, tea and coffee which are the country’s major hard currency earners.

Among the visitors were former South African Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Ebrahim Ebrahim, ambassadors of ASEAN countries and representatives from South African government agencies.

Several local companies contacted the Vietnamese embassy for more information and help in seeking suitable partners.

With the theme “Celebrating 20 years of freedom and democracy in South Africa”, this year’s event was to showcase and promote cultural diplomacy through arts, music and food.

Through the event, the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation aims, among other things, to provide the public with information about countries accredited to South Africa and afford the government, business, diplomatic corps and other sectors of society the opportunity to learn and network.

African countries, on the occasion, also introduced the spirit of pan-Africanism, a key goal that the Organisation of African Unity and the Africa Union are pursuing towards a united, peaceful and prosperous Africa./.