Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Nguyen Thanh Son received Andrey Klimov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the Council of Russian Federation and Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the United Russia Party, on March 4 in Moscow to discuss future cooperation between the two countries.

During the meeting, they discussed the relationship between the two ruling parties in line with ways to strengthen their coordination at international forums.

Klimov affirmed Russia considers Vietnam a top strategic partner in the Asia Pacific region, adding that both Russian and United Russian Party leaders were eager to strengthen ties with Vietnam’s Party and Government.

He pledged to boost cooperation with Vietnam’s National Assembly and work closely with the country to successfully organise the quickly-approaching ­132nd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU-132) in March in Hanoi.

For his part, Ambassador Son briefed his partner on plans to enhance bilateral relations and produce more effective and practical outcomes.

He also hailed Klimov’s role in the development of the ties.

Hopefully, the upcoming trip for United Russian Party President Dmitry Medvedev to Vietnam will facilitate further connections between the two nations, Klimov told reporters after the meeting.-VNA