Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan and his Russian counterpart Olga Golodets have agreed on the need to take robust measures to boost bilateral economic cooperation effectively.

The two Deputy PMs made the consensus at their meeting in Moscow, Russia, on September 17, which includes the early signing of a free trade agreement between Vietnam and the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and the speeding-up of cooperation in the field of energy.

They were unanimous in measures to further their strategic cooperation in science – technology and education – training and agreed to accelerate the signing of a framework agreement on this area.

Deputy PM Nhan and his Russian host concurred in increasing Russian scholarships for Vietnam, stepping up the establishment of a Vietnam – Russia Technology University, building a nuclear science and technology centre in Vietnam, and promoting the teaching of Russian language and literature in Vietnamese educational institutions.

They affirmed to create all possible conditions for the two countries’ ministries, sectors, academies and research institutes to establish and expand cooperation.

The two sides hailed the contribution of the Vietnamese community in Russia and the Russian community in Vietnam to both countries’ traditional relations and cooperation while pledging favourable conditions for their living, studying and working in line with each country’s laws.

Earlier on the same day, Deputy PM Nhan met with First Vice Chairman of the Russian State Duma Ivan Melnikov.

He said that besides traditional fields, Vietnam and Russia can broaden their cooperation in economics, banking, agriculture, transport, energy, sea-based economy and others.

Particularly, the construction of joint universities and research centres are opening up good prospects, bringing education – training into a field of their strategic cooperation.

The Vietnamese guest also asked the First Vice Chairman of the Russian State Duma in his capacity to support the cooperative ties between the two legislative bodies.

For his part, Melnikov reiterated that the Russia parliament will back Vietnam’s proposals to further cooperation in education – training, the establishment of joint research and education – training institutes, while considering an agreement on the travel of individuals as well as military technical cooperation.

He also asked the two legislative bodies to increase exchanges, and enhance cooperation between localities and young generations, as well as that in tourism and culture.-VNA