Exports in February saw a 28.4 percent drop from the previous month hitting 9.6 billion USD, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).

The domestic sector generated 3 billion USD and foreign-invested enterprises earned 6.6 billion USD, representing respective declines of 25.3 percent and 29.7 percent from January.

However, exports in the first two months of this year still saw a rise of 8.6 percent over the same period last year and reached 23 billion USD, reported the GSO.

Of the figure, domestic firms contributed 7 billion USD, up 0.7 percent, while FDI projects added 16 billion USD, an increase of 12.4 percent.

February imports were estimated at 9.3 billion USD, a 32.4 percent fall from January’s figure.

Notably, during the month, automobile imports surged by nearly 62 percent, with assembled car imports rising by 169.4 percent.

As a result, there was a 300 million USD trade surplus in February.

Primary hard currency earners in February were telephones & accessories, garments & textiles, computers, electronics & spare parts, and crude oil.-VNA