The garment and textile sector has set a target of earning 18.5 – 19 billion USD from exports in 2013, said Deputy General Director of Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) Le Tien Truong at a press briefing on Jan. 8.

The group will follow a strategy of fast growth, high efficiency, suitable usage of investment capital and no mistake in 2013, Truong said.

According to the official, many businesses have received orders for the entire first quarter of the year. However, he added, the sector will continue facing a lot of difficulties relating to consumption markets, source of goods, clients and ability to occupy markets.

In order to develop the garment and textile industry in a sustainable manner, this year Vinatex will focus its investment on building knitting factories and yarn-dyed plants in the north and the south, and developing material areas.

The US, Japan and the European Union (EU) still remain the mainstay markets for the sector in 2013. The Republic of Korea is also a new remarkable destination which contributed more than one billion USD to Vinatex’s export turnover last year.

The garment and textile sector earned 17.2 billion USD in revenue from exports last year.-VNA