Socio-political analysts from Vietnam and the Republic of Korea gathered at a forum on May 22 in Hanoi to discuss Vietnam’s experiences in achieving reunification and national reconciliation.

The RoK-Vietnam For Peace Forum, the first of its kind, was co-organised by the Institute for Northeast Asian Studies, the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, the RoK National Reufinication Advisory Council, and the RoK Embassy in Vietnam.

Chairman of the RoK National Reufinication Advisory Council’s Hanoi branch, Kim Jung-In, said that understanding the methods Vietnam used in re-unifying the nation and harmonizing society and culture as well as viewpoints and values after a 30 year separation is of great value for the RoK, the only nation left separated in the world.

He also highlighted the rebuilding and development of Vietnam over the past 40 years.

Vice Director of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Pham Van Duc, remarked that the Korean Peninsula has been separated for 70 years since the World War II. He said that peaceful approaches to reunification are the prominent trend in the world.-VNA