Vietnam made its inaugural presence at Egypt’s Sakia Sawi, an international cultural week, which turned to the 12th edition this year, on February 26.

The event took place in Cairo with the participation of 21 countries and territories around the world.

As the first-time attendee, Vietnam brought to the festive event its classic dance with iconic conical hats, leaving a significant impression on friends worldwide.

An open space displaying distinguishable Vietnamese traditional items, such as Dong Son bronze drums, stone musical instrument and conical hats, also enjoyed attention from the crowd.

Egypt was the first Arabian country to establish relationship with Vietnam. On September 1, 1963, the two nations established official diplomatic relations. The same year, the Embassy of Vietnam was opened in Cairo. One year later, Egypt opened its Embassy in Hanoi.

According to Vietnamese Ambassador to Egypt Dao Thanh Chung, trade turnover between Vietnam and Egypt reached 400 million USD in 2014, doubling the previous year’ figure.

Besides, image on the land and people of Vietnam has been broadcast on Egypt’s Nile TV and Egyptian TV channels, helping the Egyptians better understand the Southeast Asian country as well as contributing to promoting friendship between the two countries.-VNA