Vietnam shows solidarity, support toward Cuba: Ambassador hinh anh 1Cubans take part in a rally to express their determination to defend the nation's revolution and sovereignty in Havana on July 17. (Photo: AFP/VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Vietnam’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), underscored the nation’s solidarity, cooperation with and support for Cuba at a recent meeting held by the Non-Aligned Movement Coordinating Bureau (NAM-COB) at the UN on July 21.

As part of his speech delivered at the event on Cuba that gathered over 100 NAM countries, Quy committed to upholding the principles of international law included in the UN Charter.

The Ambassador said that Vietnam closely follows the ongoing situation in Cuba and firmly believes that the Cuban people, with their revolutionary tradition and dauntlessness demonstrated over the past decades, will soon overcome these economic hardships and pandemic impacts.

Vietnam opposes the imposition of unilateral embargo and coercive measures against a sovereign state, the ambassador stated, sharing the view that the continuation of the embargo against Cuba is unjustified and has caused great damage in all aspects to the local economy, including difficulties leading to its current situation.

He said Vietnam calls on the US to implement Resolution 289 of the UN General Assembly, which was adopted on June 23, to end the unilateral embargo against Cuba, so that Cuba can participate freely in economic and commercial relations following an equal and fair manner in accordance with international law.

The diplomat continued to affirm that Vietnam calls on the US to reverse its current policy trend towards Cuba, not only for the sake of the two countries' people but also for peace, stability and development in the region and the world.

During this difficult time, Quy urged the international community to stand with the Cuban people, whose country is in dire need of financial resources and other support to overcome the current challenges.

Briefing the meeting, Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN Pedro Luis Pedroso Cuesta said Cuba has completely controlled the situation and all activities have returned to normal. The country continues to promote measures to protect the constitutional order it has freely chosen to exercise its right to self-determination.

He called on NAM member countries to voice their support for these actions and said that the assessment of Cuba’s current situation should be based on objective, de-politicized, verifiable information and avoid the trap of fake news and misinformation.

Participating nations expressed their support for Cuba’s efforts in addressing its challenges. Many condemned the acts of interference in the internal affairs of Cuba, and asked the US and other forces to respect Cuba's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. They asked the US to respect international law, especially the UN Charter, and immediately lift the embargo against Cuba.

The countries also backed NAM’s efforts and looked forward to collective actions to support the Cuban Government and people./.