Vietnam sponsored to improve capacity to promote gender equality hinh anh 1Vice State President Dang Thi Ngọc Thinh speaks at opening ceremony of the Global Summit of Women 2019 (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - 
“Strengthening the capacity to promote gender equality is and will be a priority in the world, as in Vietnam. Sustainable development cannot be achieved without progress on gender equality. Training bachelors in Gender and Development is the best way to increase gender equality, empower women and promote sustainable development, especially given the current shortage of key personnel in gender and development. ”

Deputy Director of the Vietnam Women's Academy, Dr. Duong Kim Anh said when the Vietnam Women's Academy received the Colombo Plan Gender Affair Programme (CPGAP) of Colombo Plan (Colombo Plan is an international organization with the aim of cooperating for social and economic development in the Asia and Pacific region). The sponsorship lasts for 18 months, starting from 1 July 2019-31 December 2020.

The Colombo Plan will provide financial and technical support for the academy to organise an International Conference on Gender and Development, raise gender awareness and propose policy recommendations to promote the gender sector; organise 2 training courses on gender responsive teaching methods and gender research methods; presenting scholarships to gender and development students; setting up and equipping the Learning Center with one standard classroom with one gender bookcase, two Labs with 70 computers, 40 headsets and a camcorder.

Vietnam sponsored to improve capacity to promote gender equality hinh anh 2The Vietnam Vietnam Women's Academy receives a delegation from Germany

The project will also contribute to the sustainable development of people and communities through capacity building for teachers and learners, promoting gender equality and empowering, especially for male and female students of ethnic minorities and those in remote areas.

Colombo Planning General Secretary, Ms. Phan Kieu Thu said that this organisation sponsored the programme for the Vietnam Women's Academy because this is the first higher education institution in Vietnam to train a bachelor's degree in Gender and Developed from the 2015-2016 school year. After 4 years, the total number of bachelors trained is more than 200.

By the end of the 2018-2019 school year, more than 70 students in Gender and Development graduated, and was the first gender major in Vietnam. It is known that some excellent students have worked at international organizations, United Nations NGOs, Child Fund, non-governmental organisations and agencies and organisations in the fields of gender equality, development, politics and society.

Vietnam sponsored to improve capacity to promote gender equality hinh anh 3The Women's Academy representative works with the Niagara University representative (Photo: Vietnam +)

In the context of social development, gender issues are increasingly concerned on the national and international levels, jobs for bachelors in Gender and Development are increasingly open and extremely diverse, from gender counseling, development consulting to project coordinators, from staff in governmental agencies, socio-political organisations to officials of international organisations, and non-governmental organisations.

With practical, meaningful and humane activities, the project "Capacity Building for Gender and Development, Vietnamese Women's Academy" is expected by experts to make important contributions to the sustainable development of the Department of Gender and Development, of the Vietnam Women's Academy.

The Vietnam Women's Academy offers six undergraduate majors: Gender and Development; Community Service; Business Administration; Administration of Tourism and Travel Services; Law (major in Administrative-Criminal Law, Economic Law, Civil-Social Law); Multimedia Communication (specialized in Multimedia Journalism, Multimedia Design, Social Media); two training majors at Master level are: Business Administration and Social Work.

In 2019, the Vietnam Women's Academy will recruit 700 regular university training courses in the fields of Law, Gender and Development, Social Work, Multimedia, Business Administration, Tourism Services Administration./.