The Government has issued a resolution to speed up the realisation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on health care in Vietnam, according to the Government Portal.

The country is doing her utmost to achieve the remaining MDGs in 2015.

Ministries and localities are asked to raise their sense of awareness of realising the MDGs.

MDGs should be incorporated in local socio-economic development plans, especially in mountainous and difficult provinces and ethnic minority areas.

Under the resolution, central and local budgets would be prioritised for the MDGs on mother and child mortality as well as HIV/AIDS prevention which Vietnam has yet attained and the maintenance of the other achieved goals such as child malnutrition, tuberculosis and malaria prevention, clean water supply and environmental sanitation.

Ministries and localities are also asked to raise financial funds for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

In addition, technical measures would be effectively implemented such as the “Milk for schools” programme to improve child malnutrition in poor and disadvantaged regions or areas frequently ravaged by natural disasters, or the model of “child-safe home, child-safe school and child-safe community.”

In the 1990-2015 period, Vietnam has committed to fulfilling the MDGs on health relating to halving child malnutrition rate; cutting under-five mortality rate by two-thirds; lessening mother mortality ratio by three-fourths; achieving universal access to reproductive health; preventing and driving back HIV/AIDS infection by 2015; providing universal access to treatment of HIV/AIDS for all victims by 2010; stopping and controlling malaria and other diseases by 2015; and lowering the rate of people who do not access to safe water and basic sanitation conditions by half.-VNA