Experts have proposed step by step applying Mexico’s multidimensional poverty measurement as a feasible basis for relevant agencies to adjust or stipulate new policies on poverty reduction and social welfare from 2015 upwards.

Mexico’s multidimensional poverty measurement and its experience in implementing the methodology were tabled to a two-day conference in coastal Nha Trang city on June 15-16.

These came from a trip of 12 Vietnamese officials from various sectors to Mexico in late April, 2013 with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The multidimensional poverty methodology that Mexico is applying covers education, access to health services, access to social security, shelter characteristics, access to basic services, access to food, and level of social cohesion.

It has thus established supportive policies for different groups of poor people, implementing poverty reduction based on social development foundation and building a database for better management in the process.

Vietnam presently uses an income-only basis to measure poverty, leading to the shortcomings in poverty reduction policies which cannot cover all needs of the poor.-VNA