The Asian Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions, known as ASOSAI, was founded in 1979. Its goal is to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among its members in public auditing.

As chair of ASOSAI in 2018-2021 tenure, the State Audit Office of Vietnam has implemented several important and effective audit activities which have gained praise from regional and international audit agencies

With its high determination, the State Audit Office of Vietnam has received consensus and engagement of the State Audit Offices of Thailand and Myanmar, as well as technical assistance from prestigious international experts, the World Bank, and the State Audit Offices of Indonesia and Malaysia.

The State Audit of Vietnam became a member of ASOSAI in 1997. In the first period of the membership, Vietnam mainly sent auditors to attend training courses and workshops sponsored by ASOSAI to enhance professional capacity. Since 2010, Vietnam has undertaken a more active role in professional activities of ASOSAI./.