Vietnam team has ranked second of Group 2 in Tank Biathlon competition that was held at Alabino proving ground in the outskirt of Moscow.

There were a total of 16 tank teams divided in 2 groups based on the result of the last year competition. Vietnam was in Group 2 with Congo, Laos, Myanmar, Tajikistan and South Ossetia teams. Vietnam competed with teams of Myanmar, Qatar and South Ossetia in the very first round.

Vietnam tank team in this round had 3 members, with Captain Tran Viet Hai in commander seat, Lieutenant Lê Quang Hiệp in gunner seat and Lieutenant Hoàng Mạnh Tuấn in driver seat.

Vietnam team competed impressively and got to the finish line first. But the final score of Vietnam team was reduced because of some technical errors. Because of this, the team dropped to 2nd place./.

Beside of Tank Biathlon competition, Vietnam also competes in other events including Safe Route (engineer), True Friend (service dog training) and Sniper Frontier (sniper).  This was the third time Vietnam sent delegations to compete in Army Games.

This year’s Army Games from August 23 to September 5 attracted over 6,000 military personnel from 39 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central and Latin America./.