Vietnam to build product origin site hinh anh 1By 2025, at least 30 national criteria and two national technical standards on traceability will be established (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - The Prime Minister approved the ‘Scheme of deploying, applying and managing the traceability system’ with the goal to build and operate a portal on national product and goods traceability by 2020.

The project aims to improve the system of legal regulations, documents and guidelines on traceability; promote social engagement in traceability activities to serve international integration and improve the efficiency of State management; ensuring the quality and safety of products and goods.

At the same time, the project will focus on raising awareness among the public, agencies, organisations and enterprises on traceability through dissemination of information and training for related parties; ensuring publicity and transparency of information on traceability of products and goods on the market; providing essential information and knowledge about traceability.

Regarding specific objectives, the PM clearly defined that, by 2020, the legal system on traceability will be reviewed. At least five national standards and one national technical criterion will be issued. A system of traceability will be applied to some groups of products such as the agro-forestry-fishery sector, food, medicines as well as construction.

The scheme also stated that by 2025, at least 30 national criteria and two national technical standards on traceability will be established.

In addition, a minimum of 30 percent of enterprises operating in the fields of production, business and services using codes and bar codes in Vietnam have traceability systems applying national and international standards, ensuring interoperability and data exchange with domestic and international business traceability systems.

By 2030, the portal on national product and goods traceability will be able to serve the need of exchanging and exploiting information among domestic and international enterprises, organisations and individuals; perfecting the management and updating the system of domestic and international products and goods databases.

In order to fulfil the goals, the project set a series of tasks and solutions such as perfecting the legal system; issuing guiding documents on product tracing; applying a synchronous system on national traceability; boosting international cooperation in terms of traceability; as well as operating the national portal on tracing product origins. - VNA