Vietnam is likely to be hit by three storms or tropical depressions areas between now and the end of the year - less than in previous years - due to the global phenomenon El Nino, the warming of sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.
El Nino will bring about unusual weather patterns, especially in the south, said Director of the Central Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Centre Hoang Duc Cuong.

Throughout Vietnam , precipitation will be lower than average and there is a possibility that the rainy season will end sooner than usual.

In the north, minor and moderate river flooding is expected in September and October. Water levels in the Red River are said to recede quickly in the capital. In November and December, waters in the upper reaches of the Red River will be 10-30 percent lower than average, with the water in the lower reaches at a record low of 24-39 percent below average water levels.

Droughts and water shortages in the central coastal provinces will persist until early September.

River flooding in the central provinces and the Central Highlands will come late at a later point in time, with lower flood peaks than last year.-VNA