Vietnam has so far sent over 20 officers to UN Peacekeeping missions and the country’s operation has been highly valued by the international community. However, experts say as Vietnam sets a target of greater participation in the missions, the country should map out a long-term plan and learn from international friends’ experiences to improve its capacity in UN peacekeeping operations.

Capacity building is the key to Vietnam in enhancing its UN peacekeeping operations. In order to achieve a high degree of professionalism and motivation in peacekeeping operations, experts say, Vietnam needs to focus on enhancing language skills for the deployed forces and completing a legal and policy framework.

Since 2014, Việt Nam has deployed 29 officers to UN Peacekeeping Operations in South Sudan and the Central African Republic. In 2017, Vietnam sent its first female officer, Major Do Thi Hang Nga, to the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan.

On October 1 this year Vietnam deployed its first level-two field hospital contingent to the UN Mission in South Sudan. Vietnam has received international support to carry out peacekeeping missions.

Vietnam’s peacekeeping operations have made important contributions to the country’s multilateral diplomacy, demonstrating its responsibilities to the international community as well as contributing to regional and global peace.-VNA