Vietnam plans to increase the rate of trained workforce from 40 percent in 2010 to 70 percent in the next ten years in a bid to create more competitive advantages for the country in international integration process.

A human resources development scheme, designed for 2011-2020, aims to raise the rate of trained workforce from 15.5 percent to 50 percent in the agro-forestry and fisheries sector, from 78 percent to 92 percent in the industrial sector, from 41 percent to 56 percent in the construction sector and 67 percent to 88 percent in the service sector.

Among the targeted trained labourers of over 44 million by 2020, almost 24 million will be provided with elementary vocational training, nearly 12 million with intermediate vocational training, and about 8 million people with tertiary education training.

By 2020, the country expects to have 147,000 out of 220,000 leaders and 3.8 million out of around 6 million public employees holding BA, MA and PhD degrees and around 40,000 out of 154,000 scientific and technical cadres holding post graduate degrees./.