Vietnam to maintain growth with new leadership: Malaysian media hinh anh 1A corner of Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: VNA)
Kuala Lumpur (VNA) -  The Malaysian news service site (INS) has published an article, titled “Vietnam’s economy to keep growing solidly with new leaders”, highlighting that despite COVID-19, Vietnam has emerged as a shining star in Asia.

The article said the country’s political and economic achievements came from pandemic containment efforts that restrict COVID-19 impact on the economy. It noted the country has also wisely invested heavily in public healthcare system, which had benefited its people even before COVID-19.

 “Effective management of COVID-19 has allowed the country to outperform all its regional counterparts,” it said, citing an example that Vietnam’s economy grew 2.9 percent last year from a year ago, outperforming even China which posted 2.3 percent growth during the same period according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The article also noted that as ASEAN Chair in 2020, while developing collective effort against COVID-19 and establishing joint groups related to public health emergencies, Vietnam undertook major initiatives under its chairmanship including cooperation on transnational crime, public security and coordination among the ASEAN law enforcement agencies.

Regarding Vietnam’s transition of leadership, the article expressed its belief that its new leaders will help develop the nation further. 

It said in the face of a challenging situation in several countries in the region due to domestic political, economic and social instability, Vietnam stands out as a place of calm in a storm of uncertainty with a strong government in place that has managed to keep people employed and taken care of./.