Vietnam aims to rank fifth among top air-transportation service providers in Southeast Asia by 2020, reported the online newspaper VnEconomy with a draft scheme on restructuring the sector being developed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV).

Accordingly, by 2020, domestic air travel is set to account for 3.23 percent of the national system with domestic goods transports at 0.04 percent. International passenger transportation will account for 45.9 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of aircraft in the country is set to amount to between 190 and 210. Future plane purchases will be based on advanced technology and sustainability.

Local leading airlines will enhance performance to meet international four- and five-star standards, whilst low-cost carriers will work to match regional peers.

The rate of delayed and cancelled flights is to be reduced to 12-15 percent.

During 2015-2020, the national flagship carrier Vietnam Airlines will open routes to a number of locations, including San Francisco & Los Angeles in the US, New Delhi & Mumbai in India, Wellington in New Zealand, Dubai, Doha in Qatar, and Brisbane & Perth in Australia.

According to official statistics from the CAAV, there were 45 foreign airlines from 25 nations and territories operating flights in and out of Vietnam on 83 routes in 2014.

Giant regional and international carriers, such as Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Korean Air, United Airlines, FedEx, and Air France, have already joined the Vietnamese aviation market.

Four local airlines—Vietnam Airlines, VASCO and two low-cost carriers Vietjet Air and Jetstar—have thus far offered 56 international and 46 domestic routes. Vietjet Air is the first private airline in Vietnam.-VNA