Vietnam has been invited to take part in the 12 th Tropical Carnival in Paris, France, on July 6.

This is the first time the country has participated in the annual event, together other guest countries, including Indonesia and three South African countries.

Vietnamese artists will parade with other foreign guests and host artists and give art performances at four places on a 4.5km road.

Vietnam’s art performances at the event, which feature the country’s traditional and modern life, will be performed by the Vietnamese Youth Association and the Vietnamese Students’ Association in France, under the direction of French stage director Jean Marie Lejude.

Held since 2002 by the Paris City Hall and the Tropical Carnival Association (FCT), the festival aims to lighten up Paris, called the City of Lights, with colourful clothes, dances and music of tropical countries worldwide.

This year’s event is expected to see the participation of 4,000 artists and more than 200,000 spectators.-VNA