It is time for Vietnam to shift its focus to incorporating population factors into development strategies, an official told a workshop in Hanoi on July 14.

Despite important successes in population efforts, Vietnam still faces problems with population aging, birth gender imbalance and rapid migration and urbanisation, said Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission Dinh Van Cuong.

Ritsu Nacken, acting Chief Representative of the UN Population Fund, called upon Vietnam to issue timely and proper policies to take advantage of the abundant workforce that is projected to decrease beyond 2040.

According to foreign experts, Vietnam’s birth rates will continue falling as a result of improving incomes, education and urbanisation, adding that it is a chance for Vietnam’s population policies to assist married couples in their reproductive decision.

Participants also discussed issues surrounding population, demographic trends and their impacts on sustainable development.

Recommendations at the event are expected to lay a foundation for a comprehensive population and development policy that tackles challenges and utilises opportunities brought about by Vietnam’s changing population.-VNA