Vietnam calls on parties involved in military operations in Libya to cease fire and resolve the issue in a peaceful manner, a spokesperson for the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry said.

Spokeswoman Nguyen Phuong Nga said: “Together with the international community, Vietnam continues to monitor, with deep concern, military actions that have triggered losses to civilians in Libya ”.

She made the reply on March 23 in response to reporters’ queries on Vietnam ’s reaction to the current developments in Libya .

The spokeswoman urged concerned parties to promptly end military actions and soon sit together to seek a peaceful solution to the situation on the basis of fully respecting the UN Charter and international laws which ensure all nations’ independence and sovereignty are respected.

For the benefit of the Libyan people and for peace and stability in the region, these parties should not create negative precedence in international relations, Nga said.

Vietnam supported every effort made by all concerned parties, regional and international organisations towards peaceful negotiations./.