Foreign Ministry spokesperson Luong Thanh Nghi has asked the US Department of Commerce (DOC) not to impose an anti-dumping tax on Vietnam’s frozen tra fillets and other aquatic products.

At the ministry’s regular press briefing in Hanoi on March 21, Nghi reiterated that Vietnamese firms do not dump their products in the US market.

Answering reporters’ queries on Vietnam ’s response to the DOC’s abrupt decision to replace Bangladesh with Indonesia as the reference country to calculate the anti-dumping rate on Vietnam ’s tra fish, he said such a decision is unfair and non-objective.

The decision was made at the eighth Administrative Review, resulting in much higher duties for Vietnamese tra fish exporters.

Nghi added that issues concerning the two countries’ trade should be considered in a fair and objective manner in line with the World Trade Organisation’s regulations and in the spirit of liberalising trade as well as relations between the two countries for the common interest of Vietnamese and US businesses and consumers.-VNA