Vietnamese and US scholars and religious dignitaries discussed religious policies in their respective countries during a workshop held in Washington DC on May 12.

The event created an opportunity for participants to increase mutual understanding in the field.

Discussions were focused on legal regulations regarding religious organisations, their property rights, new religions and religious activities of foreign nationals.

Participants also compared notes on the situation and experience of their country on religious policy and environment for religious activities.

Vice Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee for Culture, Education, Adolescents, and Children Affairs Trinh Ngoc Thach said he believes the workshop helped the US scholars better understand the religious issues and policies in Vietnam .

The Vietnamese scholars, in turn, also accumulated lawmaking experience from the US , he said, adding that laws and policies must ensure both the State legal principals and the relative freedom and independence of religious organisations.

The workshop was jointly organised by the Vietnamese Embassy in the US, the US Department of State, the University of Social Science and Humanities under the Vietnam National University-Hanoi and the Institute for Global Engagement.-VNA