Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Hai Binh on April 24 said that Vietnam vehemently protests against Canada’s passage of the S-129 Bill or the so-called Journey to Freedom Day Act.

The spokesperson said that S-219 is an absolutely wrong law and contains contents that distort Vietnamese people’s struggle for national liberation and reunification, which had received support from the international community, including Canada.

“This is a backward step in the relationship between the two countries, adversely affecting the growing ties between Vietnam and Canada and hurting the feelings of Vietnamese people as well as a great part of the Vietnamese community in Canada,” Binh said.

He stated that over the past years, both Vietnam and Canada have been making efforts to build up the relationship, adding that Vietnam hopes Canada is aware of the negative impact of the passage of S-219 and takes repairing measures and prevents a recurrence of the problem.

On the same day, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Canadian Ambassador to express protest and make clear Vietnam’s view of the issue.-VNA