Vietnam has pledged to share its experience in enhancing gender equality and the advancement of women, a Vietnamese diplomat said at the ongoing United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva, Switzerland.

At a dialogue session with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education and a UN working group on the elimination of discrimination against women on June 16, Vietnamese Ambassador to the UN Nguyen Trung Thanh called on UN agencies, nations and the international community to pay more attention to gender equality, right to education for all and women’s advancement.

Vietnam always treasures education and considers it a basic foundation for social construction and development, Thanh confirmed, adding that the country has carried out a lot of policies improving education and supporting poor students and so far gained many significant achievements.

Speaking at a discussion session on women and sustainable development on June 17, the diplomat shared Vietnam’s experience in implementing its Millennium Development Goals, with the priority of achieving its gender equality targets.

In Vietnam, the number of women participating in the National Assembly and People’s Councils is quite high, contributing remarkably to this work.

The Vietnamese official suggested that women must be empowered and helped to join the international community in discussing and establishing an agenda on sustainable development.-VNA