The National Council of the Solidarity Front for the Development of the Cambodian Motherland held a meeting on June 25 to celebrate 45 years of Vietnamese-Cambodian diplomatic ties and their 2012 year of friendship.

When addressing the function in Phnom Penh, National Assembly Chairman and Chair of the Council, Heng Samrin stressed that it was the Vietnamese Party, Government, army and people that were the first to respond to the appeal from the Cambodian Front for National Salvation when the Cambodian people were suffering under the genocidal regime.

Vietnam provided Cambodia with both material and spiritual assistance and helped the country to oust the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime and win a historic victory on January 7, 1979, he added.

Heng Samrin expressed his profound thanks for the timely assistance of the Vietnamese Party, Front, Government, army and people.

“The celebrations today are a manifestation of the long-lasting and traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation and mutual assistance between the two countries,” he added

He also noted that Vietnam played a key role in helping Cambodia to end the war and establish full independence and peace in the country.

Samrin concluded his speech by stating that the day both countries established their diplomatic ties, June 24, 1967, is a symbol of the long-lasting solidarity and friendship that tie the two countries.

Vietnam ’s Ambassador to Cambodia Ngo Anh Dung underlined that over the last 45 years and even before diplomatic ties were officially established, Vietnam and Cambodia had supported each other during their struggles for national liberation as well as during the current period of development.

Vietnam and Cambodia have raised their status in the international arena, the ambassador said. He also reiterated Vietnam ’s external policy of openess, diversification and multilateralisation for peace, development and friendship between all nations.

“We are determined to be a reliable and faithful neighbour to Cambodia , the country which we used to share our joys and sorrows with, for the happiness and prosperity of both countries,” he said.

The diplomat said he believes that thanks to their traditional friendship and solidarity, creativeness and dynamism as well as the leadership of both leaders, their traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation and long-lasting stability will be raised, to benefit both nations and for peace, stability and sustainable development in the region and the world at large.-VNA