Secretary of State and spokesman of the Royal Government of Cambodia Phay Siphan has stated that a majority of Cambodians do not throw their support to a group of extremist protestors who recently burned the Vietnamese national flag in their country.

The disturbance act by that group is unbeneficial for them, the Royal Government’s spokesman told Vietnam Television in an interview aired on October 23.

They were only a handful of people, who were instigated to undermine the sound relations between Cambodian and Vietnamese people, he confirmed.

Siphan made it clear that Cambodians understand their Vietnamese peers, especially since 1979 when they were free from the Pol Pot genocidal regime.

Cambodian people perceived that without sacrifices and material assistance provided by brotherly Vietnamese, they would have been living in bloodshed, he said.

Siphan urged both peoples to guard themselves against vultures and prevent this minor issue from escalating into a national conflict.-VNA