Vietnamese Ambassador to Colombia Ngo Tien Dung recently presented his credentials to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

At the ceremony, President Santos expressed his admiration at the courage and diligence of the Vietnamese people during their struggle for national liberation and construction.

He showed interest in Vietnam’s experience developing its socialist-oriented market economy and overtaking Colombia as one of the world’s leading coffee exporters.

The president confirmed that Colombia considers Vietnam as an important partner in Asia and Southeast Asia, and wants to boost multi-faceted ties with the country.

He pledged to create all possible conditions to help Ambassador Dung fulfil his tasks, thus strengthening the two countries’ relations, particularly in economics and trade.

Dung said he is delighted at the fine development of bilateral relations, and praised the Colombian Government’s establishment of an embassy in Vietnam in January.

The diplomat affirmed that the Vietnamese Government and people appreciate Colombia’s increasing position in the region and the world.

He committed to doing his utmost to further foster bilateral friendship and cooperation, especially in 2014 when the two countries are celebrating the 35 th anniversary of their bilateral diplomatic ties.-VNA