Twenty-four Vietnamese businesses are displaying their electric and consumer products at a fair in Myanmar that kicked off in Yangon city on May 15.

With 100 booths, the four-day fair, being held by Myanmar ’s Smart Business Group is one of practical activities to strengthen the bilateral trade ties between Myanmar and Vietnam while opening up opportunities for Vietnamese products to penetrate Myanmar market, said the Director of Smart Business Group.

According to official statistics, two-way trade between Vietnam and Myanmar reached about 160 million USD in 2010, a year-on-year increase of 60 percent.

Vietnam has invested nearly 23.65 million USD in Myanmar since 1988 and is now one of Myanmar ’s 20 biggest importers, mostly agro-forestry and aquatic products, electrics and spare parts.

Vietnam ’s main exports to Myanmar include steel, electronic appliances, garments and textiles, pharmaceuticals, constructional materials, chemicals and computers.

Myanmar earns 108 million USD from exporting to Vietnam and imports 47 million USD from the country./.