While foreign cartoons are very popular with viewers and bring a lot of box office revenue, Vietnamese animations only reach audiences via television or the internet. Experts cited a shortage of attractive cartoon scripts as a major reason behind the situation.

As a movie-lover, Nguyen Duc Thang often goes to the cinema to watch films, many of them foreign cartoons.

For Thang, foreign animations are very attractive because they are suitable for young people and are made with carefully-invested scripts, movie magic and new technologies.

Vietnamese cartoons are almost completely absent from the media because they are produced with low technology and investment, in addition to the absence of good scripts which is considered the main problem.

In recent years, several animated film projects to be shown at movie theatres have been launched. These cartoons have seen proper investment but experts say they should be done in a more modern way.

Experts say for Vietnam’s animation sector to catch up with the foreign one, Vietnam should increase the amount and duration of cartoons and develop scripts from stories familiar to children and adults.

From 2010 up to now, animation films have always been in the top 10 American movies in terms of revenue in Vietnam every year. Experts say it’s time for Vietnamese animators and other stakeholders to have long-term plans to help made-in-Vietnam cartoons reach a wider audience.-VNA