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Hanoi (VNA) – Tests conducted by Vietnam’s National Institute for Food Control (NIFC) on 10 samples of disposable chopsticks on the market for traces of harmful whitening substances have returned negative, according to the Vietnam Food Administration (VFD) under the Ministry of Health.

The tests follow information received by the VFD relating to four batches of Vietnamese disposable chopsticks exported to Taiwan (China).

On January 8, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) announced on its website the test results of disposable chopsticks used in Taiwan in 2015.

The results showed that out of the 250 test samples, one contained biphenyl and three contained hydrogen peroxide. The substances can destroy the lungs, stomach and pancreas.

All the four samples were said to originate from Vietnam.

The same day, the VFD made immediate contact with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hanoi, asking the office to provide detailed information on the manufacturers of the mentioned products so it could conduct inspections and take appropriate measures in case of any violations.

On January 10, the VFD asked the NIFC to test disposable chopsticks on the Vietnamese market for the harmful substances.

The results showed none of the samples had any trace of the toxic chemicals.

In 2013, the NIFC also tested 20 samples of disposable bamboo chopsticks and five samples of bamboo toothpicks, and no harmful chemicals were found.-VNA