None of 84 Vietnamese citizens who were evacuated from areas hit by the recent quake and tsunami in Japan suffered from radioactive contamination, according to a preliminary result.

The radiation checks were conducted after the Vietnamese arrived in Tokyo by experts from the Fuji Denki Company, one of leading firms on radiation monitor in Japan .

The Vietnamese citizens, including trainees at the Sanshi Kijouju plant some 40km away from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant No 1, were taken from the cities of Fukushima , Sendai and Morioka to Tokyo on March 16 by working groups of the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan .

About 20 of them stay at friends’ houses or move to southern prefectures, while the remainders were arranged to take shelter at the Nissin Kutsu shrine and provided with food and necessities by the Vietnamese Embassy. The embassy pledged to create conditions for those who want to return to Vietnam as soon as possible.

Addressing a ceremony at the shine to spray for quake and tsunami victims and safety for those who are still in the disaster-affected areas, Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Phu Binh expressed his thanks to Yoshimizu, the shrine’s head monk, and Kunihiko Kito, a representative from the Bao Viet Securities Japan, and other Japanese friends for their help to the Vietnamese citizens.

Besides, the Vietnam Youth and Students’ Association in Japan has provided clothes and food to the evacuees.

Also on the same day in Vietnam , the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN) donated 100,000 USD to Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims.

PVN Chairman Dinh La Thang handed over the donation to Ambassador Tanizaki Yasuaki./.