As many as 48 Vietnamese people in the Philippines have been moved from Ormoc city, one of the Philippine localities hardest hit by super typhoon Haiyan, to the cities of Cebu and Bohol.

Thanks to the assistance of a working group from the Vietnamese Embassy, more than ten people arrived in Cebu safely on the night of November 15. Several others who were stranded in Tacloban city will arrive in Manila and then come back to Vietnam.

The list of the Vietnamese citizens has been posted on the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry’s portal on consular affairs

Two hotlines, 00639982756666 and 00639286727829, are available to handle any issues regarding the work.

No deaths in the Vietnamese community in the Philippines have been reported so far.

According to the Philippine Foreign Ministry, by November 15 the country had received 5.48 billion PHP (126.8 million USD) in relief aid from governments and foreign organisations.

The US has dispatched eight aircraft carriers to the typhoon-stricken country while the Japanese Government has tripled its emergency aid package for the Philippines to more than 30 million USD and will send 1,000 soldiers to assist the country.

The Vietnamese government has sent initial emergency aid worth 100,000 USD to the Philippines to help typhoon victims.

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon said on November 16 that super typhoon Haiyan, which killed thousands of people in the Philippines, is an example of climate change and should be taken as a severe warning to humankind.-VNA