Despite the current economic difficulties, a large number of people visited an exhibition of Thai products on August 6.

This shows the high purchasing power of Vietnam ’s market and the increased attraction of Thai goods, especially cosmetics, household goods, fine arts and electronics.

The ninth exhibition will last until August 9 and has attracted nearly 130 businesses from Thailand and Thai producers based in Vietnam .

“Reasonable prices, good quality and attractive designs are why I choose Thai products”, said Nguyen Thanh Huyen, an administrative officer, who has attended every Thai exhibition.

The marketing Director of PGL Vietnam, Nguyen Lan Anh, said that her company specialises in tools and sold 40 percent of their goods on the first day of the exhibition. In previous events, the company’s products sold out before the fair ended.

According to Thai Trade Counsellor Unchalee Asavametha, the exhibition offers opportunities for businesses from both countries to find new partners.

In her opinion, Vietnam is a retail market with potential for development for Thailand . She also pledged to provide more information and create better conditions for Thai businesses to increase their investment in Vietnam .

Apart from the annual Thai exhibition in April and an Thai trade fair in August in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Thailand is implementing other trade promotions between the two countries, she added.

Vietnamese-Thai trade is developing fast. In 2006, two-way trade reached 6.2 billion USD and is expected to hit 10 billion USD by 2010./.