A “Vietnam Culture Month" closed on May 29, in Lorient city, only 500 kilometres from Paris .

The event was an initiative of the L’Appel Organisation in Lorient city, provided the local people with an opportunity to learn more about Vietnamese culture, country and people through various activities.

The month saw the organisation of seminars introducing Vietnam ’s history and culture, Vietnamese traditional music and dress (Ao Dai) performances, a photography exhibition of the country’s landscape and the screening of Vietnamese films.

Speaking at the close ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Le Kinh Tai expressed his thanks to Gildas Tréguier, President of L’Appel Organisation, who has always worked side-by-side with Vietnamese colleagues in projects to bring hope and smile for Vietnamese disadvantaged children and women.

Gildas Tregulier said the event aims to further supports of the organisation to Vietnam in the fields of culture, economy, and education. It is also a chance to strengthen cooperative friendship relations between the city and Vietnam.

L’Appel Organisation is a non-profit organisation that has operated in Vietnam since 1968 in projects of caring for Vietnamese children and mothers, especially children suffering from the serious effects of Agent Orange/dioxin./.