Vietnamese dancer joins Japanese troupe hinh anh 1A Japanese contemporary form of dance titled Real Reality will feature a Vietnamese dancer (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – A Japanese contemporary form of dance entitled Real Reality, to be performed for the first time at Vietnam Youth Theatre on January 15 night, will feature a Vietnamese dancer.

The show will be performed by five dancers from Japan's Nibroll dance troupe, besides dancer Dao Thuy Thuy Van from the Vietnamese Arabesques Dance Company.

Real Reality went around as a tour in Japan and Indonesia.

"I am feeling both happy and nervous to be invited to perform with Japanese dancers in Real Reality," Van said.

"The Japanese dancers have been performing the dance for a long time in Japan. They understand it well and have had enough time to get the emotions and inspiration right."

The most difficult part for Van is to understand the dance profoundly. She has spent time watching the dance clips sent to her by the Japanese organisers.

"I like the Japanese dancers' style and their emotions very much. I have watched their rehearsals to study their movements," Van said.

"However, the dance choreographer told me that I needed to express my individual style."

Van and dancer Fumi Ishigaki will play the roles of a person and her shadow who evaluates herself, according to Van.

Besides their 15-minute dance duet, there will be other duet and solo performances by female and male dancers.

In the final scene of the dance, all the dancers will perform with daily items of use such as clothes, mobile phone, laptop and bicycle, besides a stool.

Van will perform with a stool that she has to imagine to be her precious possession in the past.

"My role is to recall past occurrences and those from the future, as if they are actually here in the present," she said.

Van, who graduated from the HCM Dance School in 2007, has been a dancer with the Arabesque Dance Company since 2013. She has attended many festivals in Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Belgium and France, besides England.

She was selected to perform in Real Reality by choreographer Yanaihara who had worked with her troupe several times.

This work taps the fundamental power inherent in stage arts, which definitely cannot be experienced without actually being there, the introduction by choreographer Yanaihara says.

"It is aimed at imparting a genuine grasp of reality by presenting corporality that can actually be felt by us who live here and now, for a limited, uncertain future," she says.

Since its formation in 1999, the Tokyo-based Nibroll has staged many performances inside and outside Japan, and has attended numerous international festivals.

The group, which has won several awards, has been widely acclaimed in Japan and other countries for its dynamic productions, which combine dry but violent choreography with video, music, and art, and flood audiences with their sheer volume of information.

Choreographer Yanaihara must be termed a rare artist who is highly regarded in both dance and theatre. She is broadening the range of her energetic activity to the sphere of art, and is avidly taking part in exhibitions and projects in Japan and other countries, mainly in Asia.

The one-night show will begin at 8pm at 11 Ngo Thi Nham street, Hanoi, with support from the Japan Foundation Asia Centre in Tokyo.-VNA