Vietnamese diva turns goddess in new music video hinh anh 1Singer Ha Tran released her new MV, Mong, on her Youtube channel on May 13. (Photo courtesy of the artist)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - A new music video by Vietnamese diva Ha Tran released on her YouTube channel on May 13.

The video, entitled Mong (Dream), is released three years after her last music video. As the first song of the album Nhung Con Song Ngon Tay (Rivers of Fingers) that will be published this autumn, Dream reveals the singer’s experiences and thoughts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the difficulties caused by the pandemic, Ha chose to remain calm and close her eyes to look into herself, cleanse internal problems and enlighten her mind in a meditative state.

The story of Dream is the simple but romantic human philosophy the singer wants to share with music lovers as well as others who are going through difficulties due to the pandemic – life will be peaceful only when our mind remains calm in unstable surroundings.

Composed by musician Duc Minh nearly 30 years ago, the song was sung by Ha in an audition when she was 16 years old.

In early 2021, when she decided to sing Dream in her new music video and musician Minh remixed it with a contemporary world music style.

An impressive visual technique has been applied to the video, arousing the effect of a world that is both realistic and fanciful in black and white.

In Dream, the Vietnamese diva turns a goddess capable of seeing through everything. Her third eye on her forehead is a metaphor for the inner enlightenment process.

When the two physical eyes of the goddess shut, her third fairy eye opens to see through everything. When the fairy eye disappears, the currents of water flow from her fingers vigorously like rivers, cleansing the air and starting a new beginning.

The composer of Dream, musician Minh, also appears in the video as a lone traveller representing humans.

Ha said that she was extremely excited about her new musical project as it aroused in her both fresh and romantic feelings.

“When making a music production during this time of crisis, I aim for spiritual values. The song will force its listeners to think and meditate for a bit but it will not fill them with sadness but positive energy,” she added./.